Handbag Card Project

From Paper Celebrations by Jane Alford

Handbag Birthday Card

This unusual cut out card is lots of fun but really elegant at the same time, making it useful for many occasions. It would be great for someone who is going away or who has started his or her first job, or it could be useful for Mother’s Day or a birthday. then again, you may just want to make it and Keep it.

Cut Cards 2


You Will Need:

  • Template 1 and Template 2 for cutouts
  • A4 sheets of pale green card
  • A4 sheets of heavyweight double-sided gold metallic paper
  • Two 1cm (3/8in) brads
  • Two 5mm (3/16in) orange crystal brads
  • 2cm (3/4in) diameter bronze coloured brad
  • 4mm (3/16in) hole punch
  • Basic tool kit
  • Size excluding handle: 15 x10cm (6 x 4in)





1 Trace the Handbag template onto the pale green card and cut it out. Score and fold along the fold lines.

Check before sticking – Before you glue the shapes onto the handbag in step 2, cut out the flap lining and lay it in position at the top edge of the bag. That way you can be sure that none of the shapes will be hidden under the flap later.


2 From the metallic paper cut four shapes using template 1 and two from template 2. Punch 14 circles. Turn the handbag over and glue two of shape 1 and eight circles to the front of the handbag, as shown.


3 Turn the card so that the flap is at the bottom and insert the bronze-coloured brad 3cm form the bottom edge. Cut the flap lining from gold metallic paper and glue it to the inside of the flap. (it is larger than the flap so make sure it is centred.)


4 Glue the remaining paper shapes to the front of the flap, tucking them under the bronze brad.


5 Remove the attachments from the back of the orange crystal brads using a small pair of pliers. Use glue dots to fasten a large orange brad to the bronze coloured brad, with a small one on each side.


6 To make the handle, cut an 18 x 2cm (7 x3/4in) strip of metallic paper and fold it diagonally so that the ends will fit in the slits.

Ribbon Strap – Instead of cutting card for the handbag strap, use an 18cm (7in) length of 2cm (3/4in) wide grosgrain ribbon. This will add further texture and will fold easily into the envelope.


7 Push the ends of the handle through the slits at the top of the bag and glue them to the inside of the flap. Fasten a large orange crystal brad to a 2.5 x 1.5cm (1 x 5/8in) piece of green card and fasten tothe centre of the handle. To fasten the bag, stick a small Velcro dot under the flap.


Paper Celebrations

About the Author:

Jane Alford has had a very successful career as a needlecraft designer and author, running cross stitch businesses foe many years before reinventing herself as a craft, card making and papercraft designer. She currently works as a freelance designer for various craft magazines. She currently lives in Lincoln, UK.


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