Cupcake Gift Card Making Project

Don’t be fooled, the three-dimensional element of these cupcake gift cards might seem complex, but in reality, they are very simple to make! Just cut enough pieces of card using the template and away you go. Simple, but effective!

by Jeni Hennah



Cupcake Gift Cards

You Will Need:


1. Cut a rectangle measuring 7.5cm x 15cm (3in x 6in) from your chosen background card and fold in half.

2. Choose your papers for the cupcake and for the cupcakecase. Cut out one case piece and four cake pieces from your selected papers using the templates. Fold each of the four cake pieces in half horizontally.

3. Take one folded cake piece and glue another folded piece to it, aligning the back of each half. Continue to attach the remaining cake pieces in the same way until you have a concertina semicircle shape, but do not glue the last two pieces together.

4. Flatten the concertina so that you have one semicircle shape with a front and back.

5. Glue the case piece to the background card. Stick the back of the flattened concertina cake piece to the card, overlapping the case slightly.

6. Choose a topper and glue on top of the cake design. Gently pull the layers of the concertina cake piece out to create a dimensional shape. This can be flattened again for posting.

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