Cross Stitch Silhouettes

Representing a simple yet effective way of creating portraits, the tradition of silhouette making dates all the way back to the 18th century and refers to the solid shape of a person, animal, object or scene represented in a single colour. Simple, yet effective, silhouettes continue to be an extremely popular craft within the 21st century and can be found on everything from road signs to antiques, through to, jewellery, clothes, infographics and cross stitch silhouettes!


With silhouettes trending within the craft world, we have noticed them making an appearance on everything from crafty cake toppers as shown above; silhouette jewellery and a contemporary family portrait! We are of course, not one to miss out on a trend and have been celebrating the humble silhouette throughout a few iconic cross stitch kits of our own!

Sleeping Beauty Red Riding Hood

Above left, this enchanting Sleeping Beauty Cross Stitch Silhouette will take crafters straight back to the musical fantasy film, whilst the silhouette on the right depicts a scene from the famous Little Red Riding Hood. Each design is worked using only black stranded cotton on coloured Aida, which creates a truly magical backdrop to the finished silhouette!

Mad Hatters Tea Party Alice in Wonderland

The fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland has charmed children and adults alike for the last 150 years. From rabbit holes and smiling Cheshire cats to Mad Hatters and talking caterpillars, Lewis Carroll’s timeless story is considered to be one of the best examples of fantasy literature ever written. Bringing Alice and her curious companions to life, we have created these novel Alice in Wonderland silhouettes and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party scenes for you to stitch and admire, don’t you agree that they would make the perfect present!

Why not try your hand at Cross Stitch Silhouettes for some really simple but effective projects? Don’t delay – pick up one of our popular cross stitch silhouette kits today!

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