How To Make A Cross Stitch Hanging Decoration

Brighten up your tree by transforming your favourite motifs into cross stitch hanging decorations. Find out how with Claire Crompton’s simple instructions below…

There are loads of fantastic festive cross stitch designs to choose from, and smaller designs are perfect for making cards or hanging decorations. Here are some easy instructions to help you to do just that:

How to make a cross stitch hanging decoration

1. Fuse some medium-weight iron-on interfacing to the wrong side of the finished embroidery. Trim the embroidery 2cm (¾in) beyond the widest measurements of the design shape.

How to make a cross stitch hanging decoration2. Fold a 13cm (5in) length of ribbon in half and tack (baste) into the middle of the top edge on the wrong side (or at one corner for the stocking). Cut a piece of felt the same size as the embroidery and pin on to the wrong side of the design.

3. Use two strands of a cotton (floss) colour used in the embroidery to stitch around the edge of the design using neat running stitches (stitch through all thicknesses of the ribbon to secure) but leave a gap on one edge to push the stuffing through. Stuff the decoration with polyester stuffing (or you can also use cloves or pot-pourri), pushing the stuffing into any corners. Sew the open edge closed.

4. Trim around the embroidered shape, leaving two squares of Aida or four threads of evenweave on all edges (don’t cut through the ribbon!). Add a tassel at the bottom if desired.

5. To make a tassel, cut a rectangle of stiff card, about 1.25cm (½in) longer than the desired length of the tassel. Choose a thread from your project and wrap it round the card to the desired thickness. Slip a long length of thread under the strands at the top, fold in half and secure tightly with a knot, leaving two long ends. Cut the wrapped threads at the bottom and remove the card. Thread one long end on to a blunt needle, insert it through the top of the strands and bring out 1.25cm (½in) below. Wrap the long end around the tassel several times, bring the needle back through the top and use the long ends to sew the tassel in place. Trim the bottom neatly.

Did this tutorial help you to learn how to make a cross stitch hanging decoration? For more great Christmas cross stitch, check out our Christmas kits selection!

Happy Stitching!

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