Cross Stitch Cuties | Freebie Friday

Peeking from under the bed covers with his droopy eyes – he is definitely ready for this weeks Freebie Friday!

We are offering you this cute cross stitch design for this weeks Freebie Friday! This is a great project for any occasion. The basset hound cross stitch is one you don’t want to miss. The chart is from the book Cross Stitch Cuties which is a collection of 30 adorable designs from a variety of cross stitch designers. This particular chart is by Joan Elliot. Enjoy the look of this cute basset flat cut cross stitch? Why not purchase the eBook here today.


Download the full pattern PDF here. 

You will need:

Free Chart



This project has been excerpted from Cross Stitch Cuties ebook that you can purchase here. There are 30 adorable designs which are designed by highly respected cross stitch designers. These designs range cute animals to wide eyed toddlers. Readers will enter this lovely book for an irresistible project for every occasion. From greeting cards, framed pictures to gorgeous draw string bags – this eBook has everything you need for any future project!






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