8 Amazing Cross Stitch Cat Portraits

Cross stitch cat portraits to delight and inspire! Cat lovers everywhere cannot fail but be utterly captivated by these painterly felines in cross stitch…

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1. Tabby Cat

cross stitch cat

Stunning green eyes and abstract colours make this Tabby Cat kit from DMC a real showstopper. The lighting effects are unusual and very fun to stitch.

2. Sleeping Kitty


Amidst the dusty old tomes, the snoozing puss in this Sleeping Cat kit from RTO looks so content. If only we all slept that well!

3. Feline Flowerbed

cross stitch cat

Susan Bourdet’s artwork has been brilliantly rendered in cross stitch in this kit from Kustom Krafts. Max the black cat sits amongst the zinnias in a perfect summer setting.

4. Russian Blue


The majesty of a Russian Blue cat is captured perfectly in head shot from PANNA. So close you can almost feel those whiskers!

5. Cute Kitten

Maine Coon


Riolis brings bring painterly touch to this adorable fluffy kitten portrait in cross stitch. Who could resist such a face! The mottled shades create the fur effect perfectly.

6. Furry Friend

cross stitch cat

This cat portrait by Debbie Cook features a gorgeous long-haired cat in his favourite spot on the back of the sofa, with a pretty backdrop of tulips.

7. Book worm Tabby

Frederick The Literate
Reading so much appears to have worn this little kitty out! Sat among the books he loves, Frederick the Literate sleeps soundly dreaming of the characters he has read about.

8. Turkish Angora

cross stitch cat

You could stare into these crystal blue eyes all day! The beautiful soft hues make this Turkish Angora kit from DMC a calming project to stitch. If you love this style there are other breeds in the range too, including the Tabby shown above, a Snowshoe and a Persian.

Which of these cross stitch cat portraits is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below and visit our online shop for these and thousands more cross stitch kits!


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