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A great beginner cross stitch project, this colourful bunting bookmark is a sweet reminder that every day should be a celebration. If you’re an advanced cross stitcher, you could add fractional stitches to fill the gaps!

Cross Stitch Bunting BookmarkYou Will Need:


Cross stitch the coloured bunting flags onto aida following the chart, using two strands of stranded cotton throughout. Backstitch the ‘binding’ for the bunting using two strands of dark grey stranded cotton. Cut the aida, allowing 6mm (¼in) all around the bunting design – once cut this should measure approximately 3cm x 15.5cm (118in x 618in).

Cut two pieces of blue felt 1cm (38in) larger than the aida on all sides – these should be approximately 5cm x 17.5cm (2in x 7in). Attach the aida to the centre of one of the cut pieces of blue felt by sewing with blanket stitch using two strands of light blue stranded cotton. Sew the two pieces of blue felt together with blanket stitch using two strands of pale blue stranded cotton, ensuring that the aida is on the outside.


Cross Stitch Bunting Bookmark

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Happy Stitching!

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