Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers | 30th Anniversary Edition

Cross Stitch Antique Style SamplersTo celebrate Jane Greenoff’s 30th year of stitching, she has released a new edition of her best-selling book, with brand new sampler charts and more stitches to try!

We’re so excited about this new edition of one of our favourite books: Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers! With brand new cross stitch designs, an extended stitch library and even more inspirational examples of antique samplers from Jane’s collection, you’ll want this book on your shelf, even if you own the original edition!

Cross Stitch Antique Style SamplersJane Greenoff has used her own historical samplers as the inspiration for 13 unique designs, so that you can begin a collection of your very own. Each project chapter is inspired by a popular sampler style, including alphabet samplers, map samplers and motif samplers.

The new cross stitch samplers include a beautiful Floral Garden band sampler, an English Wildflower house sampler, a classic Quaker-style sampler, and more. There’s Jane’s anniversary project too, which is a unique and handy sampler box with storage for all of your sewing accessories! You can even make up a matching pincushion using charts for two sides of the box.

If you’re a fan of Jane Greenoff and love her style, this book is a must-have!

Cross Stitch Antique Style SamplersBuy your paperback copy of Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers, or download the PDF eBook to view it instantly. To find out more about Jane Greenoff, visit her blog.

Happy Stitching!


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