Free Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Great for Halloween, this free crochet pumpkin pattern by Anna Wade aka Dotty Doily is quick and easy to make for seasonal gifts or decorations. Stitch a different expression on each one to give them their very own personalities!

free crochet pumpkin pattern

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Free Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Crochet pumpkin patternPumpkin

With Spice
RND 1: 6dc into Magic Ring
RND 2: 2dc in each dc (12)
RND 3: dc in next dc, 2dc in next dc. (18)
RND 4: dc in next 2 dc, 2dc in next dc. (24)
RND 5: dc in next 3 dc, 2dc in next dc. (30)
RND 6: dc in next 4 dc, 2dc in next dc. (36)
RND 7-12: dc in each dc.
RND 13: dc in next 4 dc, dc2tog. (30)
RND 14: dc in each dc.
RND 15: dc in next 3 dc, dc2tog (24)
RND 16: dc in next 2 dc, dc2tog. (18)
RND 17: dc in next dc, dc2tog (12)
Add safety eyes about halfway down and 6 sc apart. Snap on washers and stuff firmly.
RND 18: dc2tog (6)
Fasten off leaving long tail.


With Meadow
RND 1: 4dc into Magic Ring
RNDS 2-5: dc in each dc.
RND 6: 2dc in each dc. (8)
RND 7: 2dc in each dc. (16)
RND 8: *slst in next dc, (htr, tr, picot) in next dc, (tr, htr) in next dc, slst in next dc,* Repeat around to make 4 leaves.
Fasten off leaving a long tail.


With Copper
Cut a long strand and use a running stitch or back stitch to create 6 lines down the pumpkin from the top opening to the centre of the bottom.

Stitch the mouth. using black embroidery thread or yarn. I used a tiny couching stitch to hold down the curve of the mouth.

Hide all the ends of your detailing yarn and thread inside the opening of the pumpkin with the stuffing, then using the long Spice tail, neatly sew the opening closed.

Position the stalk over the top of the pumpkin and using the long Meadow tail make a few firm stitches through the base of the stalk and the top of the pumkin and back. Repeat around to secure the stalk but still allow the leaves a little movement  to create  character. After you have tied off the last stitch, bring the thread through the body of the pumpkin and pull it a little tighter, then cut the yarn and it will be hidden inside.

You could place these little characters all over your home for Halloween. Try different expressions for a bit more fun. If you have a collection of tiny pumpkins you could turn them into seasonal bunting using some ribbon or twine. If you enjoyed this free crochet pumpkin pattern, check out more crafty ideas for Halloween here!

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