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Fuse beads have long been a popular material used for creating eye-catching and stunning objects, while allowing your imagination to run wild. It’s so easy to create fun, colourful designs that, with very little equipment, can be turned into pictures, jewellery, 3D objects, gifts, home decor and much more…

Crafting with fuse beadsWhat are fuse beads?

Fuse beads are arranged on a plastic pegboard and then ironed to melt them together. The brightly coloured beads are inexpensive and versatile, making them a perfect crafting medium for adults as well as kids. There are different brands of fuse beads available, the main ones being Hama in Europe and Perler in the US.

The most common fuse beads are 5mm in diameter and are termed Midi beads (by Hama). However, it’s also possible to buy larger beads, which are around 10mm, as well as Mini beads, which are the smallest beads available at approximately 2.5mm. It’s possible to get much more detail into designs using smaller beads, and also to create smaller pieces suitable for jewellery and accessories. The image opposite shows the same design made with Midi and Mini beads to show the difference that it can create to the size of your finished piece.

What can I make with fuse beads?

Craft It With Hama BeadsThe possibilities are endless! With a single charted design, you can create numerous different projects by changing the size of fuse beads used and thinking creatively. There are some fantastic and unique ideas inside the new PDF eBook, Craft It With Hama Beads, which is available to download from Stitch Craft Create now! From trendy rings to quirky lampshades, here are just a few of the projects you’ll find inside:

Craft It With Hama Beads Craft It With Hama Beads Craft It With Hama Beads

Get some ideas for working with fuse beads and learn more about them in our video:

For even more designs, why not check out some cross stitch books – they’re packed with charts that could be converted into fuse bead projects! Or why not experiment with creating your own charts using cross stitch software or just some graph paper and coloured pencils? The kids will love to get involved too!

Download the Craft It With Hama Beads PDF eBook now for loads of creative ideas and let us know what you create!

Please leave a comment below to tell us what you think of these fuse bead projects, and please share photos of your recent makes with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and in our Project Gallery too.

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