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This paper garland can be easily adapted to make yours unique — cut your rectangles smaller or bigger, or use various different papers, different colours and different patterns! Or pick appropriate papers for an occasion — use purples and oranges for Halloween, and reds and greens for Christmas! by Kirsty Neale

Kirsty Neale papercraft

You Will Need:

  • Patterned paper
    We used: Cath Kidston stationery box
  • Decorative tape
    We used: Cath Kidston
  • Decorative edge punch
    We used: Martha Stewart doily lace
  • Stranded cotton (floss) to match the patterned papers
  • 1 x 50g ball green yarn
    We used: Rowan Wool Cotton Elf (946)



1. Cut out pieces of paper, roughly 8cm x 12cm (3½in x 4¾in) — they can be bigger or smaller than this if you’d prefer. Use a mixture of plain and patterned papers. Punch a lacy border along one short edge of some of the pieces.

2. Snip extra pieces of paper into narrow strips and punch a lace border along one or both edges. Glue these onto some of the flags to decorate.

3. Decorate the remaining flags with simple stitching, paper scraps and strips of tape.

4. Fold over 1.5cm (5?8in) at the top edge of each paper flag. Stitch along the bottom of the folded section, to make a narrow channel.

5. Cut a piece or the green yarn and thread it through the channel at the top of each flag. Arrange the flags evenly along the length of the string to display.

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