Craft Ideas With Buttons | Button People

Looking for craft ideas with buttons? These button dolls are such fun to create and make great handbag charms. You could use strands of embroidery cotton on the head for hair.



You Will Need
fifty or more flat buttons in a variety of sizes and colours
embroidery cotton (floss)
132cm (52in) seam sealant

1 Cut two lengths of cotton 51cm (20in) long, lay together and fold in half. Tie all the strands together at the folded end. Choose four large buttons for a hat. Thread pairs of threads through separate (and opposite) holes in the buttons.
Choose three slightly smaller buttons for the face and add below the hat brim.

2 Use ten to fifteen buttons for the body. To stack a dress, start with smaller buttons and graduate to larger ones. Or arrange the buttons to be trousers (pants) and a shirt. Thread the stacks on the cotton,stopping when you get to the legs. To add legs or trousers, separate each of the double strands into individual strands and thread these through each of the two stacks of about ten buttons. Add socks and shoes if you choose. At the bottom of each leg, tie the two strands in a square knot. Seal the knots with seam sealant.

3 For the arms, cut two 15.2cm (6in) lengths of cotton. Lay side by side, insert them between the second and third body buttons, and tie a square knot around the cotton in the centre of the body. Using two strands, thread about ten buttons
on each side to form the arms and hands. Knot and seal as before.

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