How to Make | Cosy Winter Scarf

This lovely self-lined winter scarf by Alison Baker has a cosy pocket at either end to keep your hands warm on long winter walks. You can make the scarf longer or shorter by varying the length of the main fabric, and you can personalise the pockets with your own motifs.

cosy winter scarfYou Will Need:

  • Fabric for scarf: One piece 148cm x 52cm (58?in x 20¾in)
    (We used Tilda Rosalie Red)
  • Fabric for pockets: Two pieces 27cm x 23cm (10½in x 9in)
    (We used Tanya Whelan Delilah Dots Green)
  • Blue stranded cotton
  • Green stranded cotton
  • Sewing thread to match the colour of your fabrics

Here’s how to make the cosy winter scarf…

1. Using a fine pencil, draw a snowflake shape on the right side of each of the pocket pieces taking care to make sure the motifs are centred.

2. Embroider the snowflakes using two strands of embroidery thread with a decorative stitch of your choice, such as backstitch.

3. Fold the scarf fabric in half lengthways with right sides together. Machine stitch with a 1.5cm (?in) seam allowance along the three open sides, starting at one folded edge and leaving a 10cm (4in) gap at the opposite end for turning.

4. Turn the scarf through to the right side and press. Sew up the gap by hand.

5. Neaten the edges of the pocket pieces with machine zigzag stitch and press over to the wrong side by 1.5cm (?in). Sew along the top edge using blanket stitch and two strands of embroidery thread.

6. Place the pockets at either end of the scarf aligning the edges. Tack (baste) the pockets in place, then machine sew. Remove the tacking (basting) stitches from the pockets to finish.

This project has been excerpted from, 101 Ways To Stitch Craft Create for all Occasions.

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