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A kadai is an Indian circular, metal pot used over a fire to cook for large get-togethers such as weddings and festivals. Recycled kadai may be imported and used outside on low stands as barbecues or plant holders. This kadai has been planted with an impromptu display of edibles in a vibrant display of yellow, purple, orange and red.

Fire Pit Container Gardening Project
From Small is Bountiful by Reader’s Digest

container gardening


You Will Need:

  • Recycled kadai (available online, or an old, shallow metal container), 80 cm (32 in in diameter)
  • Plastic liner or newspaper
  • 3 yellow sweet pepper plants with supporting bamboo canes
  • 2 large pots of purple-flowered thyme plants
  • 2 large pots of chive plants
  • 2 large pots of parsley plants
  • 2 large pots of coriander plants
  • Packing material such as newspaper or polystyrene packing peanuts (optional)
  • Compost
  • 12 pots of nasturtium plants
  • Drainage material such as polystyrene packing peanuts (optional)


Planting Your Pot:
1. For a temporary display to act as a centrepiece, line the container with plastic or newspaper to protect the surface. Water all the plants well beforehand. Place the pots of sweet peppers in the centre — look for ones with supporting bamboo canes in place or insert your own.

2. Arrange the herbs in a circle around the sweet peppers; you can leave them in their pots and raise the height up with newspaper or packing peanuts. Finish off with a layer of compost to hide the packing material.

3. Set out the nasturtiums in pots around the edge and cover with compost. You can plan ahead and grow these from seed by planting them into small flowerpots in early spring.

4. The plants will last for a couple of days without watering. By then you will need to water directly into the pots.

5. If you want a more permanent display, put drainage material into the base of the kadai before adding some compost, then remove the plants from their pots and plant, firming down more compost around them. You may want to remove
the nasturtiums once they start to look straggly.

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