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Michael Miller can do no wrong! Color me is the latest collection designed by Hayley Crouse for the New York-based fabric house. With colouring being an ever growing trend they have created a range of fabric to colour in. It sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Michael Miller Color Me

The patterns you can colour in the range are superb, there is something for everyone. Pretty florals, butterflies, fish, paisley prints and owls there is so much for you to colour and get stuck into. Now, you may think, colouring in fabric, that would be great for my child, and you would be correct, but it is fantastic for adults too. I have had a go at colouring in the fabric (in the video below) and it was so much fun. I could have sat there all day doing it.

As it is so diverse, there are loads project ideas for the fabric. You colour it in so you have the choice of colour schemes, how much you colour in and whether you stay in the lines! This means you get a completely unique creation.

color me project

Because the fabric is of a really high quality it can be used for a wide range of projects, from making dresses and shirts, to ties and pencil cases.

Coffee & Thread have used the Princess Paisley fabric to create this pretty child’s’ shirt. They have been really clever with how they have coloured it in, only doing a small bit in one colour on the cuffs of the sleeves and the skirt at the bottom of the shirt, this has created a really lovely effect. It shows that you don’t have to go overboard and make sure every inch of the fabric is coloured in. The fabric stands alone without colour and still looks stunning.

One thing to state now is that the fabric marker pens aren’t wash out, once they are on the fabric that’s it. But don’t let that discourage you from worrying about going over the lines, it is so much fun and no one is going to be looking that closely to notice if you do, and if they are, there are too close!

You could use this design shown and colour it all or parts of it in so that it matches your child’s favourite colour or you can let them colour it in. How fun would it be to have them wear something they had ‘designed’ by colouring in.

Color Me tote



Another project we have stumbled upon is this lovely tote bag, which was created by Sewing Rabbit. This would make a lovely gift for a birthday or dare we say the ‘C’ word… Christmas! You could make the bag yourself and give it to a friend with the markers and they can colour it however they wish. I think that is a really lovely idea and suitable for children and adults alike.

You can find some more project inspiration in 50 Fat Quarter Makes or check out the free sewing patterns we have on the blog.

You could make a soft toy with the Floral Fantasy fabric or a makeup bag using the Fish Frenzy fabric. Whether you colour the fabric before or after you have made the project is completely up to you, but colouring in is the best part. It is so relaxing and will bring out your inner child.

I could go on and on about this gorgeous fabric, we just love it. Colouring is such a huge trend at the moment, you can’t go into a shop that sells book and magazines without seeing an adult colouring book, and this has taken the trend and moved it into the fabric world and we can’t help but swoon.


Michael Miller What a Hoot! Michael MIller Papillon Paisely

Above are just a couple of the Color Me range that we just adore. The What a Hoot! Owl fabric is stunning, you could have a great time colouring in the owls to give them a handsome appearance. The Papillon Paisley fabric features butterflies and flowers that once coloured will create a wonderful scene that will draw your eyes to all corners the fabric.

A couple of us in the office had a go at colouring in Princess Paisley, take a look at the video below to see the wonderful effect colouring in the fabric gives. I was quite surprised at just how much I loved it once it was coloured.


You are going to have so much fun with this range, I just know it, so please send us pictures of your creations and colouring on the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter and tag us on Instagram.

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