Mini Top Hat Sewing Project

by Jennifer Grace


This miniature cocktail party hat is a fantastic accessory for a mad hatters tea party. The pink floral and gingham fabric makes it perfect for a picnic party too.

You Will Need:


1. From floral fabric cut an 18cm x 12cm (7in x 4¾in) rectangle, and a 7cm (2¾in) circle. Fold the rectangle in half, right sides facing, so the short edges meet and sew together with a 1cm (3?8in) seam. Press seam flat. This forms the main upright section of the hat.

2. Draw a 5cm (2in) circle in the centre of the larger circle; snip notches towards the inner circle. With right sides facing, sew to the top of the upright section along the drawn circle, keeping the ease even.

3. Put a 4.5cm (15?8in) diameter circle of white card into the top, turn piece right sides out and fill with toy filling.

4. Cut two 11cm (43?8in) diameter circles from polka dot fabric. Cut two 9cm (3½in) diameter circles of interlining and iron to the centre of wrong side of each polka dot circle. Cut notches approximately 6mm (¼in) apart from the raw edges of the circles towards the interlining. Fold the notched edges into the middle and press.

5. Make small snips around the base of the upright hat section; fold inwards. Sew the upright section to the centre right side of a polka dot circle. Cut a 115cm (45in) length of ribbon and sew it at its middle to the centre of the right side of the other polka dot circle, stopping 1.5cm (5?8in) from the brim either side.

6. Sew together the two polka dot circles wrong sides facing and snipped edges folded in, stitching close to the edge. To finish tie ribbon in a bow around the brim.

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