Pretty Clothes Peg Bag Pattern

This pretty clothes peg bag pattern makes laundry duty a little more fun. A fun knitting project, this peg bag uses a coat hanger to keep all of those pesky pegs in one place. The sweet little knitted peg design on the front of the bag is a darling detail that tells everyone you know that you made it. By Louise Butt

Clothes Peg Bag Pattern


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1. Knit the peg bag following the pattern below:

Using 3.75mm knitting needles cast on 70sts in dark blue yarn and work 6 rows garter stitch

Start moss stitch

Row 1: (K1, p1) to end of row.

Row 2: (P1, k1) to end of row.

Rep these two rows until knitting measures 9cm (3½in) ending with Row 2.

Next row: Work moss stitch for 34sts, yarn over needle, k2tog, moss st to end of row.

Continue in moss st until knitting measures 40cm (15½in). Place row marker and work 12 rows more of moss stitch.

Place intarsia chart: Note: all sts of chart (even those represented by white squares) are worked in st st, with a moss st border either side. There is a 5 row border of st st above and below the peg image.

Work 13sts in moss stitch, P across the first 44sts of the chart, moss stitch to end. This represents row 1 of the chart.

Once you have finished the chart including the 5-row st st border above the last row of the peg image, work 12 rows of moss stitch

Then work 6 rows of garter stitch.

Cast off.

2. Embroider the peg spring using backstitch, then gently press the chart area on the reverse of the knitting. Darn in all ends.

3. With right sides facing join the cast on and cast off edges by 7.5cm (3in) on each side. Fold the bag so that the hanger opening is situated on the top fold. Smooth the peg bag flat and then sew along both selvedges. Turn right side out and insert coat hanger.



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4 thoughts on “Pretty Clothes Peg Bag Pattern

  1. After you make 3 1/2 inches I miss stitch do you continue decreasing for 15 1/2 inches or is it just one row then continue regular moss stitch ? I cannot purchase the recommend yarn around here so would it be ok to substitute with cotton if so which needle would you recommend ? Thank you

  2. Once the knitting measures 9cm, continue increasing by repeating the moss stitch row until the knitting measures 40cm. The recommended yarns are available from our website (see links above), but any DK (worsted) yarns would be suitable – 3.75mm (US size 5) needles are recommended for this project.