Festival Crafts | Funky Chunky Crochet Necklace Pattern

This year’s must have festival accessory is a bright coloured chunky yarn necklace. I’ve been spotting gorgeous t-shirt yarn necklaces popping up all over, and wanted to make my own crochet necklace pattern to be bang on trend this festival season…


T-shirt yarn necklace gallery


Click images to go to source: t-shirt yarn necklace from Scraps by Vera Vanderbosch; macrame recycled t-shirt necklaces from Recycled Fashion, finger knitted necklace from Infarrantly Creative; Nefertiti Necklace by Wool and the Gang.

Funky Chunky Crochet Necklace Pattern

I had a go at making my own version of this trend with an off-cut of Hoooked Zpagetti yarn in my favourite shade of shocking pink — perfect to stand out from the crowd. Using only chain stitch it is the easiest crochet necklace pattern ever and you can knock up a beauty in around 10 minutes!

crochet necklace pattern

You will need:

* 12mm crochet hook
* Hoooked Zpagetti yarn in colour of your choice


1. Using 12mm crochet hook, Ch 200. Pull yarn through final chain loop.

2. From this point, use the chain of stitches you just made as the working yarn. Discard hook. Create a slip knot on your finger. Ch 20 using your fingers only (just by pulling the chain you made in step 1 though the loop each time).

3. Pull end of chain through final loop to finish off – ensuring that the number of chain stitches from the first chain are even on each side — depending on your tension you may need more or fewer stitches to achieve symmetry.

4. Cut yarn ends to even lengths and tie in a bow.



And there you have it, a festival ready, quick to make unique accessory. You could customise this crochet necklace pattern in all sorts of ways – I’m going to make a much longer one with more stitches and loop it round a few times. I also love the fringing on some of the necklaces above — I think I might thread some coloured feathers into mine to make a feathery fringe, or maybe add some chunky beads… so many options!

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