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Adorn the top of your tree with this knitted Christmas tree fairy by Claire Garland. With her lovely hand-sewn dress and glittery wings, she’s sure to become a treasured family decoration that you’ll bring out year after year.

Christmas Tree FairyYou Will Need:

Here’s how to make the Christmas tree fairy…

1. Knit the fairy following the pattern below:

Head and body
Cast on 10sts onto one needle then complete the cast on as follows:
Step 1: Hold needle with sts in left hand.
Step 2: Hold 2 empty dpns parallel in right hand.
Step 3: Slip 1st cast on st purlwise onto the dpn closest to you and off the needle in the left hand, then slip the next cast on st onto the dpn furthest away and off the RH needle. Repeat step 3 until all 10 sts are divided onto the 2 parallel dpns, 5sts on the front dpn and 5sts on the back. Slide sts to the other ends of the dpns, working yarn at back. RS facing, cont working in the rnd, beginning by knitting the sts on the back dpn – work sts over 2 dpns, using a 3rd dpn to knit with:
Rnd 1: K10. Place marker. Rep last rnd 11 times. Stuff the head.
Rnd 13: (dec) K2 tog, k1, sl1, kl, psso, k2 tog, k1, sl1, kl, psso. 6sts (3 sts on each needle)
Rnds 14, 15, 17: K.
Rnd 16: (inc) Kf&b, k1, kf&b, kf&b, k1, kf&b. 10sts
Rnd 18: (inc) Kf&b, k3, kf&b, kf&b, k3, kf&b. 14sts
Rnd 19: K14. Rep last rnd 14 times. Stuff the head and body lightly with some spare yarn or scrap of toy stuffing.
Rnd 34: (dec) K3, sl1, kl, psso, k2, k3, sl1, kl, psso, k2. 12sts

Divide for legs
Rnd 35: K3, slip next 3sts off the needle and onto a safety pin, slip next 3sts, from back needle, off the needle and onto another safety pin, knit next 3sts onto the second needle – 3sts on one needle, 3sts on the other.
Rnd 36: *K6. Rep last rnd until the leg measures approximately 10cm (4in).
Next rnd: (dec) K3 tog twice. 3sts Cut yarn, thread end through 3sts, pull up and secure the end.** Slip 2 sets of 3sts which are held on the safety pins onto 2 dpns and work the second leg as the first from * to **. If there is a gap between the legs just work a couple of stitches to close it.

Arms (make 2)
Leaving a long tail end (you will use this to sew the arm to the body later), cast on 4sts, *k4, slide sts to the top end/other end of the dpn bring working yarn around back – across sts at the back – and k4 across the front** to create an i-cord. Cont working the i-cord, from * to ** until it measures 6cm (2?in).
Next rnd: (dec) K2 tog twice. 2sts Cut yarn, thread end through 2sts, pull up and secure the end. Join the arms to the sides of the body using the tail ends.

2. Work the fairy’s facial details. For the mouth, sew a tiny straight line in black sewing thread. To form the eyes, work a few small stitches in blue sewing thread over and over each other symmetrically on either side of the head. Add pale pink stitches to form the cheeks.

3. Now work the fairy’s hair using the gold coloured sewing thread. Cut a few 20cm (8in) lengths of thread. Using a few lengths of thread at a time, fold in half to form a loop. Thread the four cut ends through the eye of a needle, then thread the needle through a knitted stitch at the top of the head, but do not pull the thread through fully – instead pass the needle through the loop and pull through until the loop lies flat on top of the head. Work as many strands of hair as you consider necessary.

4. To make the fairy’s dress, take the two pieces of patterned fabric and place together with right sides facing. Using a 6mm (¼in) seam allowance, machine or hand stitch along the two long edges leaving a 1.3cm (½in) gap on each side 1.3cm (½in) down from the top edge for the armholes. Turn up a 6mm (¼in) hem at the bottom edge and sew in place. Press a 6mm (¼in) hem at the neck edge, then work a running stitch all the way around the edge; gather up the stitches, just enough so that you can still fit the doll’s head inside the neck, then secure the thread. Turn under the raw ends at the armholes and oversew to neaten. Slip the finished dress onto the knitted fairy.

5. Use the template to cut a pair of wings from the felt. Decorate her toes and the wings with glitter glue – this will also stiffen the wings. Once the wings are dry, sew them onto the back of the fairy’s dress with white sewing thread.

This project has been excerpted from 101 Ways to Stitch Craft Create for all Occasions.

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