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Scandinavian decor is all about embracing simplicity, utility and beauty and the lovely rustic Christmas decorations found inside, Handmade Scandinavian Christmas tick all of those boxes! Providing a playful Scandinavian look for the Christmas tree, these natural wooden hanging decorations are oh sew easy to make and super effective. You could even make a simplistic wooden tree to hang them on like the one below.

Excerpted from Handmade Scandinavian Christmas

Rustic Decor

You will need

• One thick branch

• Embroidery yarn in different colors

• Sewing needle

• Wax thread or thin ribbon for hanging

• Saw

• Drill


1. Saw thin slices of a thick branch.

2. Sketch a design of your choice onto the slice of wood, with a pencil. TIP: The simpler the design the better – for example hearts and stars work really well.

3. Then, drill thin holes along the lines of your design and a hole at the top of the wood slice for hanging.

4. Using your embroidery yarn and needle, sew stitches into the holes to bring your pattern to life.

5. Finally, thread wax thread or ribbon through the top of your wood slice and it is ready to hang up!

Scandinavian Decor

Handmade Scandinavian ChristmasThese rustic Scandinavian style decorations look lovely hung all over the house in small clusters! If you enjoyed this project, why not take a look at  inside, Handmade Scandinavian Christmas for more fun projects and ideas.

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