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Winter is upon us, as the nights grow shorter and colder… do you want to find some childrens craft ideas to keep little ones entertained throughout this season? There are so many quick and clever childrens craft ideas to be found online. And sometimes there are too many craft ideas and it becomes a little overwhelming. Well, I am here to share my top childrens craft ideas that you can find across the Internet. They are all really easy and fun to make with your children this winter…

Childrens craft ideas | Papercrafts

  1. Fun animal home made cards – fun animal patterns, easily made by kids that will be loved by children and adults alike. Adapt the patterns to reindeers or penguins to make Christmas cards!
  2. Pretty paper bunting – this bunting will look fabulous in a little girl’s bedroom, and the best part is that any little girl can make it as it’s so easy!
  3. Colourful paper puppets – your children will want to make as many funny creatures as possible!
  4. Quilled birds – quilling is so easy to do, and your children can create these colourful birds using scraps of coloured card and glue – simple!

Childrens craft ideas Childrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideasMister Maker Craft Crate

Childrens craft ideas | Art

  1. Decopatch – the new craze in the crafting world! Using colourful strips of paper your children can decopatch their names, animals, picture frames, Christmas decorations… the list goes on!
  2. Egg carton raft – kids can really get creative with this fun art project and all you need to supply them with is an egg carton, lollipop sticks and paint.
  3. Mini Santa – you can make these festive little santas with your children, all you need is an old toilet roll and some red felt! Easy!
  4. Kaleidoscope suncatcher – a colourful project that will look great hanging in any child’s bedroom window. Even the youngest of children can be involved.
  5. Kitchen roll art – with an old kitchen roll tube, paint, glitter and googly eyes, children can create some fantastic characters. I love this mermaid one!

Childrens craft ideas

Childrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideas






Childrens craft ideas | Needlecraft

  1. Fabric bookmark – introduce your children to the sewing machine for the first time with this easy to make fabric bookmark. Choose some funky fabric in your child’s favourite colours!
  2. Felt chain – get the children involved in decorating their own parties. Simple cross-stitches close the chains – easy!
  3. Sewing kits – why not buy a sewing kit for children; they include all the equipment your child will need, along with easy to follow instructions, to create their own doll, keyring or Christmas decoration. Perfect for young budding sewers!
  4. Cross stitch and tapestry kits – there are loads of fun kits with great designs for your children to learn cross-stitch or tapestry.
  5. Felt goodie bags – the perfect sewing project for beginners – you can use basic hand stitches or machine stitches.

Childrens craft ideas Childrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideas





Childrens craft ideas | Baking

  1. Pretty flower cupcakes – use this beautiful kit to create delicious cupcakes with your kids. It includes the perfect cupcake recipe, sparkling cake glitter, flower decorations and pretty muffin cases.
  2. Christmas cake pops – get into the festive spirit with these easy to make Christmas trees and jolly santa hats.
  3. Gingerbread house – all children love making and eating gingerbread men, so why not work together to create a whole gingerbread house?!
  4. Christmas sugar cookies – fun and festive treats for children to make. They will love eating them from the Christmas tree!
  5. Rainbow cookies – colourful cookies; kids will have so much fun helping to mix the food dye and build the colourful layers!

Childrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideasChildrens craft ideas








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