Cat Cushion Sewing Patterns

Cat Cushion from Coats Crafts by Nel Whatmore

Whether you love cats or not, you will love this adorable cushion. You can even add dried beans or rice to the bottom and use as a sweet doorstop.

You Will Need:Get The Template

35cm for the main fabric
30cm for the contrasting fabric
50cm of braid / ribbon for neck
20cm of braid / ribbon for features
Coordinating thread
Toy stuffing
• Small sandwich bag filled with clean sand or rice, to weight the cushion
Pins and a hand sewing needlecat cushion

All seams are 1.5cm
Step 1. Making the pattern
Cut out the printed pattern and assemble the body pattern pieces, by placing the matching lines together and taping the pattern together. Do the same for the tail pattern pieces

Step 2. Cutting out your fabric
With your main fabric folded in half, place the main body pattern on the fold of the fabric where indicated. Pin and cut out. With your contrasting fabric single thickness, pin and cut out the base and the tail pattern pieces.

Step 3. Sewing up
Tail: Fold your tail piece with the right sides (RS) together. Pin and sew your seam 1.5cmfrom the edge of the fabric. Stuff the tail with the toy filling and sew across the opening.
Place the body RS together and sew a 1.5cm seam all around the top edge of the cushion, leaving the lower edge open.
Attach the tail to the lower edge of the cushion where marked on the pattern. Match the front seam of the cushion to the point at ‘F’ on the base, with the RS together. Then match the back seam to the point at ‘B’on the base. Pin the base to the cushion all the way around leaving an opening of 20cm (10cm either side of the tail). Sew a 1.5 cm seam and turn through to the right side, remembering to clip any curves to allow the seams to ease open.

Step 5. Stuffing
Firmly stuff the cushion nearly to the base add the bag of sand or rice to add weight and then fill the remaining space with toy filling. Sew up the opening with strong thread using a ladder stitch.

Step 6. Trimming
To add the Cat features sew in place a braid or ribbon as shown on the pattern piece. Tie some more braid or ribbon around the cats neck. Curl the tail round and attach with a couple of small stitches and tie a ribbon to the end of the tail.

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