Free Cat Bracelet Pincushion Pattern

This cute cat by Zoe Larkins does double duty. A bracelet pincushion pattern is a great way to keep your pins close to hand without being tempted to put them in your mouth — just remember to take the pins out if you decide to wear it out!

cat bracelet pincushion patternFor this bracelet pincushion pattern, you will need:

Bracelet Pincushion Pattern Directions:

1. Using the template, cut out two cat head shapes from the patterned fabric. Use the felt to make a face on one of the head shapes: cut two circles of white felt for the cheeks, a little pink heart for the nose, and a sandstone triangle for the forehead/bridge of the nose.

2. Use white thread and slip stitch to sew on the felt face.

3. Sew on the two large mother-of-pearl buttons with black thread for the cat’s eyes.

4. Pin the two head shapes together, with right sides facing. Machine stitch all the way around the edge with a 6mm (¼in) seam allowance, leaving a small gap at the bottom for turning. Stuff the head and neatly stitch the gap closed.

5. Cut a piece of elastic to fit your wrist, and thread beads on to make a bracelet. Stitch the bracelet onto the back of the head. Wear your pincushion bracelet as you sew, sticking your pins into your cat’s cheeks to look like whiskers!


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