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card craft free downloadsThese card craft free downloads will have you whipping up paper pinwheel cards for friends and family in no time! Simply use the free downloadable templates (see link below) to cut out shapes from your favourite papers and then combine them in different ways to create your own unique pinwheels.

Experiment with different shapes and sizes of triangles, diamonds, circles, rectangles and squares. Then try other shapes of your own creation, such as zigzags, crescents and teardrops. You’ll be amazed at the variety of designs that can be created from just a couple of basic templates! Take a look at some of my designs below for inspiration to get started:


Large triangles

Use templates A and B (both similarly-shaped triangles) to create star shapes. Try combinations of 4, 5 or 6 triangles to create the centre pinwheel and then add the other triangles around them. To make your design bigger, add another triangle to each outer edge, as shown in the third example below.
 card craft free downloadscard craft free downloadscard craft free downloads





Diamond and triangle

Use template C to create the basic star shape and position template D in various ways to create different designs. Use 5 or 6 diamonds to create the centre pinwheel. Then place the small triangles either in the gaps between the diamonds or on the outer edges. As the diamond isn’t symmetrical, you can choose to position the shorter end on the inside or outside to create different looks. In the third example below I have alternated this to create an entirely different shape.

card craft free downloadscard craft free downloadscard craft free downloads






Short and long triangles

Use template E to create the basic star shape and position template F around the outer edge of the design. I have used 6 pieces to create the central star in all of my examples, but you could use 4 or 5 to create a simpler design. Instead of pointing all of the triangles inward to create the star, you can also use them pointing outwards. This creates a hole in the centre, as shown in the third example below.

card craft free downloadscard craft free downloadscard craft free downloads






Other shapes

Try drawing your own shapes and creating templates from them. Then experiment with the positioning of shapes to create your own designs. I’ve used templates G and H to make the flower designs shown below.

card craft free downloadscard craft free downloadscard craft free downloads






Card craft free downloads

Use these card craft free downloads to create your pretty pinwheel cards! The shapes are all full size, so print them out and trace onto cardboard to create your own templates. Then draw around the templates onto your chosen papers, cut out the shapes and start making your own designs.

When choosing your paper, bear in mind that small repeating patterns work best. Bold colours are great for a modern look, but lighter pastel shades work well for female cards. Remember to draw around your template onto the back of your chosen paper to avoid lines appearing on the front of your card. Once you’ve completed your pinwheel design, glue it to the front of a square card. A co-ordinating or contrasting coloured card will really make your design stand out, but you could use a white card blank for a simpler look.

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