Buyer’s Guide to Sewing Machines: Which Machine Is Best?

There are thousands of different types of sewing machines available for purchase right now.  They all have different key selling points. Some have all the bells and whistles, while others are small and portable.  Maybe you are buying a sewing machine as a gift for someone and you aren’t sure which is best for them.  So the question is: Which Sewing Machine is Best For Me?

The first thing you can do right now is have a think about all the different things you require from your machine. Is this your first sewing machine? Are you a beginner? Are you very capable on a machine already and want to upgrade? Are you looking for a particular brand such as Janome Sewing Machines? What materials do you plan on working with? How big is the space you wish to use the machine. By answering these questions, you will be able to pinpoint which machine is perfect for you.

Sewing Machines

  • What kind of sewing do you want to do? Do you plan on making quilts or sewing clothes? Do you hope to do advance sewing with your machine or are you just starting out?Are you looking for a first sewing machine? We recommend the Elna Sew Fun Sewing Machine and the Elna 2300 Sewing Machine. Both machines are priced under £150.00, are lightweight and have a few fun features to get you started.Do you have some skills on a sewing machine but wouldn’t consider yourself a master? We like the Singer 7463 Sewing Machine. The machine offers some more functions including a full range of utility, decorative, quilting, heirloom, and stretch stitchesAre you an advanced machine user?
  • Is this machine a long term purchase or to simply fill a need? If this is your very first machine than you probably want to start off with a machine that is easy to use and is less expensive. If you were looking at a more long term investment you would be better of paying more for a sturdy machine.
  • Are there any specific features you would like? There are two types of machines to remember when you are looking to purchase. A manual machine doesn’t have any of the fun features that you may find on other machines. If you plan on using your machine only on occasion or need to stick to a tight budget a manual machine should be fine.  Computerized machines cost more but have some beneficial features: A typical unit offers touch pad controls , an LED screen, an array of presser feet for challenges such as piping and top stitching, and settings for dozens or even hundreds of stitch types. More advance machine have the ability to do monogramming and embroidery.
  • Where will your machine be used?  Do you need something small to fit in your craft area? Do you plan on taking your machine with you? Maybe you require knobs to be in a particular place on the machine?
  • What is your price range? Different brands sell for different prices based on the special features the machine has and what the machine itself is made from. Some of the more expensive machines are more sturdy than others as some may use small plastic parts where more expensive brands may be made of metal. The more features the machine has may also affect the selling price of the machine.
  • Just Starting Out? If you are looking to learn how to use a sewing machine, there are plenty of machines available on the market that will help you make the perfect start.

Janome Sewing Machines

Janome Sewing Machines are one the most popular brands in the UK. Their machines are renowned for being easy to use and highly versatile. Our most popular sewing machine is the Janome Model CXL301 which is at the high end in terms of price but is definitely one of the most versatile and easy to use machines around. Click here to view all of our Janome Sewing Machines.

Decide what you want your machine to be able to do. The most expensive isn’t always the best option. Many less expensive machines may have the features you are looking for. Most importantly once you get your machine spend some time to really get to know it so you can get the most out of your machine. We recommend the book Get The Most From Your Sewing Machine. The book teaches you to look at the features in your trusty sewing machine in a completely new light and discover how practical functions and stitch settings can become creative goldmines. It contains a mixture of feature spreads  with tips, ideas, tricks, inspirations, and creative projects covering everything from applique and quilting to using scrap fabric for sewing that’s a bit more ‘off-piste’.


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