How to Make | Buttercream Rose Cupcakes

Roses are undeniably the most popular flower of all, and a rose never fails to touch someone’s heart. A single rose on a cupcake says it all. These amazingly realistic buttercream rose cupcakes create a stunning effect – why not make a whole bouquet?

Buttercream rose cupcakesYou Will Need:

  • Cupcakes covered with icing or buttercream
  • Buttercream
  • Paste colours: dark pink (Sugarflair Dusky Pink), dark green (Sugarflair Spruce Green), light green (Sugarflair Gooseberry)
  • Piping bags
  • Small petal nozzle (Wilton 104)
  • Leaf nozzle (Wilton 352)

Here’s how to make the Buttercream Rose Cupcakes…

1. If you are piping the rose directly onto a cupcake, you can pipe the bud straight on without piping a base. Use the petal nozzle, which should be positioned vertically with the wide end touching the surface and slightly tilted inward. As you squeeze the piping bag with continuous, even pressure, turn the cupcake clockwise and make both ends of your buttercream bud meet (1). Make sure that the bud will only have a small opening.

Buttercream rose cupcakes2. While the nozzle is still slightly tilted inwards, pipe an arch shaped petal (as you also turn your cupcake) that goes around the bud, making sure that as you pipe you are also slightly pushing the petal against the bud so there are no gaps and it will not collapse. Each petal should start slightly past the middle of one petal and overlap the previous one. Pipe about two to four short petals (2).

3. After creating a bud with few petals around it, turn the nozzle straight then pipe a couple of slightly longer and higher ‘arches’ (3 & 4). Pipe about two to four petals. When piping last few petals, tilt the nozzle slightly outwards and make the arches longer instead of higher. Pipe about four to five petals (5).

4. Pipe leaves using the leaf nozzle. Choose a point below the outer layer of petals and position your nozzle so it is at a 20–30 degree angle with one point touching the cupcake. Squeeze your piping bag until it creates a wide base then gently pull away to create the leaf. When you reach the desired length of leaf, stop squeezing your bag and then pull abruptly (6).

This project has been excerpted from The Contemporary Buttercream Bible.

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