How to Make | Broomstick Crochet Scarf

Broomstick crochet has been given a renaissance with this stylish wool scarf, and it’s simple to make with basic crochet skills. This luxurious broomstick crochet scarf will keep you warm throughout winter or it would be a lovely gift for someone special.

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Here’s how to make the broomstick crochet scarf…

Please note: gauge isn’t important for this scarf, so just use your favourite yarn, going up a hook size for anything heavier than DK. Total weight of yarn required will depend on thickness of chosen yarn.

1. Using the hook, chain 50 stitches. Pull the loop of last stitch larger, and slip it over knitting needle. Working from left to right along chain, insert hook into the top of each stitch, pull a loop through and place on needle. Continue until there are 50 loops on needle.

2. Without turning the work, insert the hook from right to left through first 5 loops and slip these onto hook. Yarn over hook and draw through the 5 loops. Ch 1, then 5 dc into loops. This twists the stitches and creates a group. One stitch will remain on hook.

3. Insert hook into next 5 loops on needle and slip them onto hook, as before. Yarn over hook, draw yarn through the 5 loops. Yarn over hook again and pull through both the stitches on hook. Work 4 dc into 5 loops. Repeat this step to end of loops.

4. Do not turn work. Now, treating the 50 stitches along the top of the groups you just created as you did the chain in step 1, work along, pulling 50 loops onto needle. Repeat steps until work reaches desired length. Break the yarn, weave in ends. Your crochet scarf is ready to wear!

Tip: Hold the hook in your right hand and the needle in your left, or support it between your knees or under your arm.

Tip: Experiment with different yarn weights to create scarves for different seasons.

Broomstick Crochet Scarf

This broomstick crochet scarf project has been excerpted from 101 Ways to Stitch Craft Create Vintage.

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