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The new book from Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong (a.k.a. the women behind Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes) is aptly named The Contemporary Buttercream Bible – and what a thoroughly comprehensive ‘bible’ it is! Their designs show just how impressive and versatile buttercream can be…

The Contemporary Buttercream BibleIt really is mind-boggling how many different effects you can create just using buttercream! I am absolutely in awe of the incredible cake designs created by Valeri and Christina – and now you can discover how to make them at home! Their new book is the first complete guide to using buttercream and is packed with tips, tricks and techniques to make an array of beautiful cakes.

The Contemporary Buttercream BibleThe Contemporary Buttercream Bible features clear instructions and handy step-by-step photos to illustrate methods throughout, so it’s really easy to follow. The book covers a plethora of techniques, from piping and using a palette knife to stamping and stencilling. You can create textures and patterns, and even clever textile effects with coloured buttercream, and there are loads of ideas for embellishing your creations with sweets and candies too.

The Contemporary Buttercream BibleWith over 40 stunning projects, from simple cupcakes to three-tiered wonders, it’s hard to resist trying one out. Make your buttercream with the basic recipe provided, choose from a range of suggested flavours if desired, and then it’s time to get decorating! Start by mastering piping techniques to create spots, stripes, swirls and ruffles, and then progress to intricate flowers. After that, there are so many ideas to experiment with, you’ll be making buttercream cakes for every occasion!

The Contemporary Buttercream BiblePre-order your copy of The Contemporary Buttercream Bible today to be one of the first to get your hands on this fantastic book! Try out these amazing techniques for yourself and send us photos of your cakes!

Have you tried being creative with buttercream? What’s your favourite cake design from The Contemporary Buttercream Bible. Leave a comment below or post your photos of your buttercream projects on our Facebook page!

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