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Biscornu pin cushions have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years so what is their appeal?

Biscornu is a French adjective meaning something quirky or odd so it’s no surprise that this is the term used to describe these eight-sided pin cushions. The biscornu is something that every cross stitcher should stitch at least once. Although they look complicated, they are actually very easy to make, so they also make great gifts that show off your stitching skills.

Citrus BiscornuElephant Biscornu

Jody Rice of Satsuma Street fame as some gorgeous new biscornu printed charts available at SewandSo. The first biscornu pincushion pattern features a bold and punchy citrus motif on one side and a stylized leaf design on the other. The second is a sweet elephant pincushion pattern, which features four mama and baby elephants on one side and a coordinating geometric pattern on the other. I love this modern take on the traditional biscornu.

Tiny Bunny Biscornu Chart With Beads and Ribbon Included


As all stitchers know, the real charm of biscornu is in their decoration. Tiny feasts for the eyes, they are typically decorated with embroidery, often cross stitch, to create dainty patterns and designs. The colour and style possibilities are endless, but here a few from our shop which we are loving right now.

Just Nan has a gorgeous Tiny Bunny Biscornu Chart that I have fallen in love with. The pattern can be working onto a lavender Aida, as shown and embellished with beads, crystals and silk ribbon, which are included with the chart. Those little bunny rabbits in the chart are incredibly cute.


If you fancy a nice mix of modern and traditional, Soda Stitch Biscornu charts are for you.  They have a wide variety of of charts from Cats to Christmas, houses to hearts and everything in between.

Biscornu 5 Chart Booklet

Biscornus can be used as pin cushions, home decor, mobile phone accessories and key chains. Because they are so easy to make you will have to make one for each of these uses!

The shape of a biscornu looks very complex but they are constructed from just two square pieces of fabric and so are actually very simple to make. If you can stitch two simple cross stitch squares you can make a biscornu! Check out this video for a how-to on sewing it together!

Whether practical or ornamental, there’s a place for a biscornu or two in every stitcher’s home. If you’ve got the bug like us here at SewandSo, click here to browse all the beautiful Biscornu kits we have available and get started on one of your own!


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