Better Living Through Origami | Sneak Peak

I’m extremely excited to show you a sneak peak of Better Living Through Origami. This is a really fun book by Nellianna van den Baard and Kenneth Veenenbos.  In this book it 20 creative projects for your home.

Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. Its name derives from Japanese words ori (folding) and kami (paper). Together, the word was formed, “origami”. It involves the creation of paper which is formed entirely by folding. The traditional origami consists of folding a sheet of paper into a fun sculpture without cutting, taping, gluing or marking it.

Origami created fun projects from paper which can vary from different models such as animals, birds, puppets, geometric shapes, home accessories and toys. These fun paper creations can be made by young children and taught in one sitting.

Now we’ve given you brief information about origami, lets show you a sneak peak of our new book Better Living Through Origami!

Better Living Through Origami

Have you tried or can you fold a traditional origami crane? Don’t worry if the answer is no. This book has great step by step guides on different projects you can create for a beautiful phone.

Many of the projects included in this book have been specially designed and cannot be found in a marketplace. Whether you are an experienced origamist or just a beginner, each project has an easy step by step guide to make it easy to understand. In this book, icones are shown at the beginning of each project to indicate the difficulty of the folds and techniques involved.

This book has every inch of detail that you’ll need to know, from tools and equipments to the best techniques out there. You will create stunning origami projects that you’ll be proud to show off.

Are you wanting to start your journey in becoming an origamist? Pre order your book here today!





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