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The sun is shining (somewhere) and we’re excited about beginner crochet! In honour of the wonderful Sarah Shrimpton and her fabulous new book, we’re bringing you a Beginner Crochet Blog Hop – with a big difference! Read on to find out what’s in store…

beginner crochet blog hop

Beginner Crochet Blog Hop – Crochet Confessions from the Experts!

If you’re a regular follower of our blog hops (which 100% of you are, I’m sure – don’t deny it!) then you’ll know we usually have a different blogger posting up something lovely day by day.

Well this month we’re throwing out the rule book and trying something totally different!

This time, crafty bloggers from around the globe will be nominating each other to take part and tell us a tale from the long-forgotten days when they were crochet beginners.  All your favourite crochet experts will be confessing their beginner crochet fails and remembering their beginner crochet wins.

If you’re a crochet beginner, then I hope you feel inspired and encouraged after listening to all the complete disasters (and eventual successes) that these experts once went through!

And if you’re a confident crocheter already, have a chuckle, enjoy the blog hop, and tell us your own beginner crochet story! Use the hashtag #crochetconfession on Twitter or Instagram and tell us what went wrong – or right – when you were learning to crochet.

Our first stop…



Sarah Shrimpton of Annaboo’s House will be kicking everything off on Friday 8th May by telling her very own beginner crochet story. Will it be a beginner crochet fail or a beginner crochet win? Wait and see!

Sarah will be nominating a few of her favourite bloggers to tell their own crochet tales afterwards, so keep your eyes peeled for what will be coming up next.

As each blogger posts with their beginner crochet story, I’ll add their blog (with links) to the list below so you can click straight through and have a read!


Fri 8th May – Annaboo’s House

Mon 11th – maRRose

Tue 12th – Spincushions

Wed 20th – Pink Milk

Fri 22nd – Chrissie Crafts

Thu 28th – Ladybird Diaries

Fri 29th – Dinki Dots


Thu 4th – Betsy Makes

Thu 11th – Happymaking Designs


TBC – Cherry Heart

TBC – Sewchet


The Beginner Crochet Blog Hop – join us for funny failures, inspiring stories and the odd giveaway too!

Beginner's Guide to CrochetI really hope you enjoy hopping to all the nominated blogs and hearing everyone’s nostalgic beginner crochet stories.

We’ve never done a blog hop like this before, and I love the idea of hearing everyone’s tales. I hope it inspires you to pick up a crochet hook yourself and have a go! And remember – if you’re new to crochet, you can’t do better than Sarah Shrimpton’s stunning Beginner’s Guide to Crochet, which contains all the stitches you’re likely to need, and a whopping 20 projects to test them out on.





If the Beginner Crochet Blog Hop inspires you to take up crochet yourself, then we’d love to see the results! Just upload a picture to our Share Board, or simply use the hashtag #SCCmakes on Twitter or Instagram. Feel free to tag us too! And don’t forget to join in the Beginner Crochet Blog Hop conversation – use the hashtag #crochetconfession on Twitter or Instagram to tell us about your own beginner crochet experiences!








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