Beading Project | Beautiful Blue Bracelet

Free beading projects, this simple yet pretty beaded bracelet is sure to get admiration from your friends and family. The added headpins take this versatile bracelet from wearing to work to a romantic evening out.

by Alison Myer

You Will Need:

blue bracelet


1. Cut a piece of elastic nylon thread measuring approximately 30cm (12in). For a medium bracelet thread on 24 8mm beads (small 22, large 26).
2. Take the ends of the elastic and tie a knot pulling tight to draw each end of the bead string together. Tie two or three more knots, pulling very tight each time so the knot does not unravel (don’t worry, the elastic shouldn’t snap). Snip the ends of the elastic of neatly next to the knot.

3. Thread each metal bead onto a headpin. Using round-nose pliers, twist the top of the wire to form a loop and snip with wire cutters to form a closed circle. Further close up the loop using pliers if necessary: there should be no gap to ensure the bead does not fall off the jump ring.

4. Take each one of the metal bead charms and thread carefully onto a single jump ring. Then thread the jump ring onto the bead bracelet and close.

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