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We love baby crafts! These cute little stuffed hanging storks by Zoe Larkins make an excellent gift for a mum-to-be or can be used as gift tags on presents for the new baby. Sew cute!


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1. Use the templates to cut out two stork shapes from white felt, one beak and two feet from yellow felt, and one bundle of joy from blue or pink felt. Set aside one of the stork shapes.

2. Using the photograph as your guide, pin the beak and bundle of joy onto the second stork shape and stitch in place. Sew on a black crystal bead eye.

3. Pin the embellished stork, right side uppermost, to the set aside stork shape. Sandwiched between them, place a ribbon loop for hanging at the top and two lengths of yellow ribbon at the base for legs. Sew the feet to the end of the ribbon legs.

4. Sew all the way around the stork’s body, adding the toy stuffing before finishing the stitching.

5. Add a little patterned ribbon bow to the stork’s neck and use black thread to embroider a few long stitches onto the wing for definition.

baby crafts felt storks

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