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Aurifil was originally named Studio Auriga, founded in 1957 by Angelo Gregotti it produced designs for a multi-head mechanical embroidery machine. It was the first and only company to undertake this type of work in Italy.Aurifil

In 1983 Angelo proposed to his school friend Adolfo Veronelli to join his project and start a new adventure producing thread. Their vision was ‘to source the best Egyptian cotton and create a thread to supply our customers with the greatest product on the market‘. Aurifil was born.

After discovering and being fascinated by the quilt market, it was proposed that they explore this avenue. Gregotti said “It was obvious that the quilters knew quality when they saw it and we were astonished at the attention we received when we presented our product for the first time in the European Quilt Show in Strasbourg 2000, we simply must reinvent our packaging, wrap our spools and make our thread more appealing to quilters”.

Aurifil threads come in three different sizes. Small spools, medium spools and cones. We are stocking the small spools in store now. What is really handy about Aurifil thread, is that each weight has a different colour spool so you can tell what weight it is at a quick glance.

  • 50 weight comes on an orange spool
  • 40 weight comes on a green spool
  • 28 weight comes on a grey spool
  • 12 weight comes on a red spool

There is a really handy video on YouTube that shows you the different weights of thread and how each one can be used. You can view it here.


Ladykquilts - Aufrifil
Image was taken by @Ladykquilts on Instagram

Aurifil really is the quilters choice of thread. It is a high-quality durable thread and that is why so many professional quilters back it. It is the ONLY thread that Tula Pink uses. She has created several ranges of thread for Aurifil now. Her personal favourite is 50 weight cotton because it is so versatile. It blends into the fabric when you need it to and it stands out when you need it to. You can see a video of her introducing her thread collection here.

Sarah Ashford, Chairman of the South West Modern Quilters Guild says “Aurifil is my thread of choice for many reasons.  I love the amount that you get on the spool, especially on the 50W and 40W spools – it just goes on and on.  I know that I can quilt a whole quilt and not run out of thread, which is always good to know!  My machine also loves it, as it produces far less lint than other brands.  I particularly love the box sets, which are beautifully presented as carefully curated collections by top quilters.  They are a joy to look at!  Aurifil has such a wonderful, extensive range of colours and different types of thread, so you can easily match the thread type and colour to the project you’re working on.  I mostly use either the 50W or the 40W for patchwork and quilting but I also have a collection of the 12W threads for embroidery and hand quilting.  I’m looking forward to trying out the 80W thread for appliqué and EPP very soon too”.

Kerry Green, pattern designer, author and blogger uses Aurifil almost exclusively. She says “Aurifil 50 WT is my go-to thread for patchwork and quilting.  It’s fine so avoids bulk in small patchwork seams. It’s strong enough to take the pulling and wear and tear of a much-loved quilt. It’s smooth and creates very little lint so less build up in the feed dogs and bobbin.  Plus, it comes in a huge array of colours from everyday neutral favourites like the soft white 2021 or light grey 2600, to brighter shades to colour coordinate with every print. I also like the 12wt thread for adding hand stitched details to quilted projects like cushions”.

Ali Burdon, patchwork designer of the most gorgeous homeware accessories you’ll ever feast your eyes on and blogger at Very Berry Handmade said “I love Aurifil for its versatility, reliability and the amazing choice of colours! I work with Aurifil 50 for machine piecing fine fabrics like Liberty lawn and have recently enjoyed working with Aurifil 80 for English Paper piecing, but my favourite is Aurifil 50 – it’s incredibly reliable – I have never experienced any thread breakage when machine piecing with it, and it never fails to make my top-stitching on bags, cushions and purses, etc. look amazing. I also love the way that the folks at Aurifil are so responsive to quilters and sewers – there is a personal touch which gives the brand a little bit of extra shine!”

We have something extra special in store too. This collection of premium quality, Aurifil cotton threads includes the best selection: 45 colours for all of your sewing and quilting projects. One box contains 40 WT and the other contains 50 WT so you can get your favourite colours in the weight you prefer to work in.

Aurifil Best Selection 45 Small Spools Collection Case 50wt Aurifil Best Selection 45 Small Spools Collection Case 40wt

You can buy Aurifil Thread in store now. With such an array of colours, you will be able to find a match for any project your working on.

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