Applique Trees | Free Cushion Sewing Pattern

A perfect way to use up your pretty scraps of fabric! This free cushion sewing pattern by Kirsty Neale features stylised applique trees against a contrasting background fabric for a contemporary design.

Applique trees free cushion sewing pattern


To make the Applique Trees Cushion, You Will Need:

  • Fabric for cushion front and back: one piece 40cm x 40cm (15½in x 15½in), two pieces 40cm x 23cm (15½in x 9in)
  • Scraps of fabric for appliqué
  • Sewing thread
  • Fusible webbing


1. Decorate the cushion front with the simple appliqué trees design. Iron fusible webbing onto the reverse side of three contrasting fabrics. Draw three circles freehand and cut out. Cut out three tree trunk shapes from fusible-webbing backed striped fabric. Peel off the backing paper, and iron the circles onto the cushion front with trunk beneath each.

2. Machine stitch around the edges of the appliqué trees to hold each piece more securely in place.

3. To make the envelope back, first fold over and stitch a narrow double hem down one long edge of each cushion back piece.

4. With right sides facing, pin the hemmed rectangles to the cushion front with the hemmed edges overlapping. Machine stitch together around the sides. Remove the pins, then trim the corners to reduce bulk. Turn your finished cushion cover the right way out through the envelope back.

5. Gently push each corner into shape using a knitting needle. Press the seams flat for a neat finish. Insert a cushion pad (35cm x 35cm/14in x 14in).


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