Animal Knitting Pattern | Busy Bee Cushion

People are buzzzzzzzing about this sweet busy bee knitted cushion. This animal knitting pattern makes a bold statement to any room from a contemporary lounge or a fun children’s bedroom. Bright canary yellows with bold blacks makes this knitting pattern a stand out for your home.

By Louise Butt


Animal Knitting Pattern

You Will Need:


1. Knit the cushion following the pattern below:


Cast on 110sts in yellow yarn using 3.75mm needles.

Starting with a k row work 16 rows in stst.

Place intarsia chart: K16 then start chart. (Note: start counting the sts from the bottom right corner, these sts are in addition to the first 16 you worked at the start of the row.) Once chart is finished, cont in stst until the length of your knitting measures the same as the width. Then cast off.


Cast on 110sts in yellow yarn and work in stst until knitting measures the same length as the front. Cast off.

2. For the cushion edging make a length of i-cord following the pattern below:

Using two 4mm dpns and black yarn cast on 4sts. K all sts, but don’t turn the needle. Instead slide all the sts to the other end of the dpn and with right side facing, pull the working yarn to give it a slight tension and k the 4sts, then slide worked sts to the end of the needle again. Cont.

3. Produce a tube of knitting that is long enough to fit around all four sides of the cushion

4. Darn in all ends and join three sides of the cushion. Insert a cushion pad to fit, then sew the remaining side closed. Attach the i-cord to the edge using backstitch to conceal the seam.


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