Our Favourite Animal Diamond Painting Kits

Diamond painting continues to be a huge trend and has taken the craft community by storm. We’ve got 45 brand new diamond painting kits in store, so we thought we would make a list of our favourite animal kits from the new designs.

Shop over 150 kits from Diamond Dotz here. Learn more about how to create works of art with Diamond Dotz and be sure to check out our list of Music to Diamond Paint By. Here are our favourite new Animal Diamond Painting Kits from Diamond Dotz. Which one will you create?

Hey There! Diamond Dotz Kit

We can not get over the cuteness of this giraffe. It’s impossible not to smile when you look at its happy face and this colourful design will sparkle and shine.

Level: Intermediate

Hey There! Diamond Painting Kit
















Koala Snack Diamond Dotz Kit

We love this koala bear relaxing on his branch at night time. This Australian creature is fun to create and could make a great gift.

Level: Intermediate

Koala Snack Diamond Painting Kit











Kitty Basket Diamond Dotz Kit

These lovely kittens are adorable and this kit will provide you with hours of diamond painting fun. If you love cats, this design is for you.

Level: Intermediate

Kitty Basket Diamond Painting Kit










Lion Family Diamond Dotz Kit

Create this majestic lion family and enjoy seeing your masterpiece take shape. Your kit contains all the tools and diamonds you need to complete the design.

Level: Advanced

Lion Family Diamond Painting Kit










Love You! Diamond Dotz Kit

We just have to adore this fun dog selfie design. This group of dogs will have you laughing while you diamond paint – their silly expressions are hilarious. The kit includes a printed adhesive canvas, pre-sorted coloured facet tiles, stylus tool, wax caddy and craft tray.

Level: Advanced

Love You! Diamond Painting Kit











6 Precious Kitten Diamond Dotz Kit

This precious kitten is sleeping in a pair of hands. It is so adorable and we can not wait to create this design while listening to our Diamond Dotz playlist.

Level: Intermediate

Precious Kitten Diamond Painting Kit











Pup in Pot Diamond Dotz Kit

Calling all dog lovers out there! This pup in a pot is so charming and you will have a great time creating this piece and seeing it all come together.

Level: Intermediate

Pup in Pot Diamond Painting Kit


















Tigers in the Snow Diamond Dotz Kit

There is something so magnificent about tigers. The golden fur on these striking animals perfectly contrasts the cold snow in the background. The finished piece will shimmer with brilliance.

Level: Advanced

Tigers in the Snow Diamond Painting Kit










Midnight Stallion Diamond Dotz Kit

These gorgeous design features a stunning black stallion. We can already imagine how extraordinary the finished piece will look with its sparkling black, grey and white diamonds.

Level: Intermediate

Midnight Stallion Diamond Painting Kit















10 Believe in Miracles Diamond Dotz Kit

OK, we know that a unicorn is a mythical creature and not technically an animal, but we felt we had to include it anyway. This playful design will bring a splash of colour to your life and we can’t help but love it.

Level: Intermediate

Believe in Miracles Diamond Painting Kit




What’s your favourite diamond painting kit? Let us know by tagging us in your photos on social using @sewandsouk & #SewandSo.

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