Alex’s Story

Alex's StoryAlex tells us how craft helps her when dealing with clinical depression.

I live with clinical depression and anxiety and my crafts (cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting, dress making, crochet & knitting) really help keep me stable. When I’m doing one of my crafts my concentration is totally on the task at hand and this prevents my mind wandering with anxiety. The sense of achievement and pride with the pieces I work on help increase my self-confidence which helps control my depression. When my depression starts on a spiral down, one of the first warning signs is that I lose interest in my crafts and this has become a useful indicator to my husband and me to look at what changes we need to make or what help we may need to seek in an attempt to stop the spiral. But over the last few months, my depression has been under much better control when I participate in my crafts at least every other day.

If you would like some more information on depression, such as symptoms or treatment, please visit the Mind website here.

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Nadine dabbles in a wide range crafts. If it's pretty and she wants to make it, she'll learn the technique to do so. She is also never without a cup of tea in her hands.

One thought on “Alex’s Story

  1. I’m glad I’ve joined the group, helping to give me back my motivation to pick up the crafting again. I too suffer with depression and anxiety, have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. For sometime I’ve found it difficult to do any crafting, my enthusiasm has gone but I know once something triggers it I’ll be back to the ‘can’t put it down’ stage. I also feel that my work is not good enough, I can always spot the mistakes. Happy crafting .x