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You’ve no doubt heard of the ‘Made in Germany’ phrase meaning top quality. Addi needles are no exception to this. Hand made in Altena Germany for the past 187 years, they are the best of the best in knitting and crochet needles.

At Addi, quality is everything. They emphasise this consistently with every needle and every hook that is made. Each one goes through a 25 step production process and will only leave their factory after thorough inspection. Constantly modernising, they have acquired another building so they continue Addi needlesto produce premium products to indulge your hands and provide your with enjoyment for a long time to come.

In Spring last year Addi started making nickel-free needles. Their needles are now made with a white bronze finish. The decision to do this was made so that production could be more ecological and non-polluting.

Addi Turbos are described by Addi as a marriage of brilliant engineering with every knitter’s dream. Addi’s breakthrough design features a hollow brass core that offers strength and very light weight; the white bronze finish provides the smoothest ride possible for your stitches, and Addi’s cable is the one that raised the bar for everyone. Here, at last, is a cable that is flexible, strong and never coiled or kinked. – Addi

Addi Turbo Rockets take your knitting to new speeds. Pick up your stitches with ease, move them along quick as can be.

Historically these needles were only available in smaller sizes and were called Sock Rockets. However, they are now available in sizes up to a US 13, which is a UK 9mm needle.
Circular needles can be used in exactly the same way as straight needles, the benefit is the weight of your knitting rests on your lap and not on your wrists – great for any of you with achy joints!

Addi Turbo circular needles are fast, not sticky, don’t snag and smooth. The cord is soft, they don’t rust and now they are more eco-friendly too. What I am saying in a nutshell is… They are the best! You can get yours in-store now.


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