World Cup Alternatives | 90-Minute Craft Projects

Today marks the start of the 2014 World Cup, but we appreciate that not everyone is a football fan, so we’ve pulled together a selection of 90-minute craft projects to fill the time during each match!

Straight after kick off, head to your craft room and make a start on one of these great projects. With a little luck you’ll have finished by the time the match is over, even if you choose to take a break at half time! Relax – they’re not football-themed crafts, so you can fully escape from World Cup madness!

Click on the images below to get free instructions for each of our 90-minute craft projects:

_DSC1178Coffee Cosy
A coffee cosy may not be the first thing that you think to make, but this appliqued version is hard to resist, so why not treat yourself to a little luxury gift while the match is on? If you’re not a coffee lover, you could use the applique motif on a tea cosy, coaster, or other sewn project instead.

Celebration BuntingPretty Bunting
Bunting is one of the most popular summer craft projects, and it’s perfect for fitting into a spare hour or two. Even if you don’t have an bunting-worthy occasion now, you’re almost certain to have one at some point, so having some of this pretty bunting ready is sure to be a relief!

Macrame BraceletMacrame bracelet tutorial
Everyone is crazy for knotting techniques at the moment, and this macrame bracelet is a great project to start with if you’re new to the trend. Take some time to learn the basics and then have a go at making the bracelet. There are only two simple knots involved, so it’s perfect for beginners!

Cross Stitch Cupcake CardCross-Stitched Cupcake Card
This will depend on your stitching speed, but it should be achievable to create this cute cupcake cross stitch before the final whistle is blown. Don’t worry if you don’t have the right colour threads – you can use any colours you choose to create this versatile card.

fabric covered photo framesFabric Photo Frames
We love these fun fabric photo frames, and they’re really simple to make. If you finish the frame itself before half time, you can spend the entire second half making fabric yo-yos and other embellishments to decorate it! Or why not design a few using different fabrics – they make great gifts!

Granny Square Patch CushionGranny Square Patch Cushion
I could sit and crochet granny squares all day! Take the opportunity to experiment with different patterns and colours. You could even make a World Cup blanket – build up a collection of granny squares over the course of the next month and then piece them together during the last few matches. For a quicker project, this cushion makes great use of a single crocheted granny square.

Cardboard Creatures cardboard owlCardboard Owl Lampshade
For something a bit different, this owl lampshade made out of cardboard will raise a smile! Make sure that you have all of the materials you’ll need in advance, and you should easily be able to complete this fun project during the match. If you’re feeling creative, have a go at adapting the design to make your own animal lampshade!

Shrink plastic flower broochShrink Plastic Flower Brooches
If you adore accessories, why not make a couple of these clever shrink plastic brooches? They look so professional, and each one takes less than an hour to create. Use them to decorate bags and accessories, or wear them with pride!

Jungle MobileFelt Jungle Mobile
If you’ve got young children to entertain, this cute and quirky mobile made with colourful felt animals is sure to delight! Get the kids involved in creating the animals, or make the mobile as a gift. If you don’t have time to finish the mobile in one session, the individual animals make sweet decorations and embellishments on their own – or there’s always the next match!


Hopefully you’ll find something in this selection to keep you occupied whilst your friends or family are enjoying the World Cup football matches! Which of these 90-minute craft projects will you make first? Will it be quirky home decor, a personalised gift, a colourful card or a delicious cake?

Do you have any other great 90-minute craft project ideas? What will you be making whilst the World Cup is taking place? Post photos of your projects in our Project Gallery!

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