8 Ways To Style It Like Tilda

There’s no doubting it, Tilda style is utterly gorgeous. But how can humble folk like you and I who don’t live on an island in a Norwegian fjord achieve the look? Here are eight glorious ways to style it like Tilda…

1. Have a Heart

Every Tilda book has hearts. Make lots of them and place them everywhere! Hanging,
arranged in bowls, wherever a heart could go.

Homemade and Happy

Source: Tilda Homemade and Happy

2. Get Dolled Up

Tilda dolls are adorably long and elegant and make a style statement in every room
of the house. Make a bathroom doll, a kitchen doll and bedroom dolls and you’re well
on the way to nailing Tilda style!

Tilda's Seaside Ideas

Source: Tilda’s Seaside Ideas

3. Shelve It!

There’s no such thing as minimalism in Tilda’s world! Shelves packed with beautiful
things are a must and the more the better.

Tilda's Fairytale Wonderland

Source: Tilda’s Fairytale Wonderland

4. Patch Things Up

Tilda fabrics look at their very best when pieced together into exquisite patchworks.
From cushions to table mats have fun mixing and matching the coordinating ranges
for maximum effect.

TIlda's Winter Delights

Source: Tilda’s Winter Delights

5. Be Desk Bound

If your home office desk is anything like mine it isn’t terribly appealling. But it doesn’t
have to be that way. Pretty it up with pale colours, charming papers and cute accessories
and you’ll start rocking the Tilda look.

Tilda's Seaside Ideas

Source: Tilda’s Seaside Ideas

6. Snuggle Up

Nothing is more cosy than snuggling up in big pile of Tilda quilts and cushions. Simple
to sew and oh-s0 satisfying, your sofa will be a haven of Tilda before you know it.


Source: Tilda Homemade and Happy

6. Set the Table

Baked goods in fabric cones and tied up with Tilda ribbons look too good to eat…
(well, I might be able to give it a go!) Topped with a fairy light wreath and the look
is simply delicious!

Tilda's Winter Ideas

Source: Tilda’s Winter Ideas

7. Box Clever

Whip up a few boxes made from Tilda fabrics. Perfect for storing ribbons and buttons,
or trinkets and treasures or just your car keys!

Tilda's Spring Ideas

Source: Tilda’s Spring Ideas

8. Bag Tilda’s Style!

Take Tilda with you wherever you go by stitching a Tilda fabric bag. Not only will you
look the business on your stroll to the shops, when it’s draped on a chair on your return
it will ooze Tilda style!

Tilda Painting Flowers

Source: Tilda Painting Flowers / Tilda’s World

So there you have it – go forth and create Tilda style in your own home! And don’t forget to share your photos with us on our Facebook page so we can all admire your work.


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