8 Cross Stitch Kits To Put a Spring In Your Step

Although the weather may suggest otherwise, spring is almost here. The beautiful season where flowers come out in bloom, easter happens and there are baby animals in abundance.

Here are our favourite spring time cross stitch kits.

1 Spring Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

Spring Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

This bright and cheerful kit from Riverdrift Studios is full of the joys of spring. Featuring colourful flowers, bunnies, birds and butterflies it is teeming with life.

2 Love Spring Cross Stitch Kit

Love Spring Cross Stitch Kit

From the ever popular Love range by Kim Anderson, the Love spring cross stitch kit uses butterflies and leaves to decorate the tree.

3 New England Home in Spring Cross Stitch Kit

New England Home in Spring Cross Stitch Kit

The New England home in Spring kit by Bothy Threads looks ever so idyllic. Trees beginning to bloom, a little bird’s nestled in the branches that will soon be filled with chicks. The beautiful house adds a cosiness to the scene.

4 Bright Eyes Cross Stitch Kit

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes by Hannah Dale features a rather startled hare sat in a bed of bluebells. The kits from Bothy Threads are so popular and look absolutely stunning when stitched up.

Little Chick Cross Stitch Kit

Little Chick Cross Stitch Kit

We couldn’t have spring cross stitch kits without having a little chick. This little ball of feathers is eating his lunch and looks quite plump. We think he is incredibly sweet.

6 Happy Easter Sampler Kit

Happy Easter Sampler Kit

Of course, Easter is an, ahem, eggciting time of year. *sorry, terrible joke* Whether you celebrate it for religious reasons or just love a chocolate egg, this kit is full of Easter fun.

Dandelions Potpourri Bag, Pack of 3 Cross Stitch Kit

Dandelions Pot-pourri Bag, Pack of 3 Cross Stitch Kit

I love the smell of spring. With so many flowers blossoming the floral scent in the air is lovely. Now you can stitch stylish potpourri bags so you can bring that wonderful smell indoors.

Ducks and Daffs Cross Stitch Kit

Ducks and Daffs Cross Stitch Kit

When the daffodils blossom you know spring is here. These little ducks stood among the daffodils are from Hannah Dale.  This beautiful kit needs to be stitched to see it in all its glory.

What will you be stitching this spring? Let us know by commenting below or on our social pages. See our full range of cross stitch kits here.



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