8 Cornish Cross Stitch Kits That Are Proper Ansum

Ere, have e seen that Poldark is back on the TV? It’s got us all swooning and wanting to head down to the Cornish Coast.

While some of e may be Cornish born and bred, the rest of us mere emmets can only picture the beauty of the area until we can holiday there.

1 Cornish Cottage 

Cornish Cottage

Part of Cornwall’s charm is the picturesque cottages lined up along the coast. This beautiful kit from Derwentwater Designs captures that scene perfectly. It’s a right good reminder of your holiday you had back long.

2 Cornish Folkies

Cornish Folkies

From Riverdrift Studios, this kit depicts the ‘famous folkies’ from Cornwall. How many of the motifs can e recognise?

3 Cornwall Map Chartpack

Cornwall Map Chartpack

It may look like the route to Mordor, but it is, in fact, a map of Cornwall. This design is 15″ x 13.5″ when worked on 28-count Evenweave fabric. This chart pack is a lovely gift for someone who lives in the county or someone frequently visits it.

4  Poldark Country

Ross Poldark, the eponymous hero of the evocative hit TV series Poldark, is as rugged as the Cornish coast near his land. Like the jagged rocks that guard Nampara Cove, he stands firm ready to face all that life might throw at him. Isn’t he ansum!

5 Cornwall 


This is what you might call a ‘proper job’. It has everything e love about Cornwall, put into one cross stitch kit from Riverdrift House.

6 Mullion Cove

Mullion Cove Tapestry

Mullion Cove is a picturesque harbour on the Lizard Peninsula within an area of outstanding natural beauty. Alright, so this isn’t a cross stitch kit, it’s a tapestry kit, but I love it, so I’ve added it in!

7 Fortunes May Change

Poldark Fortunes May Change

The sea that pounds the craggy coastline of Cornwall was the lifeblood of the county in the 18th century and is visualised here in this stunning cross stitch kit featuring the ansum Ross Poldark from the Poldark TV series.

8 Trebah Garden

Trebah Garden, Cornwall

Trebah Gardens is a subtropical paradise on the Cornish coast. When it’s not henting out, Trebah Gardens is a beautiful place to visit.

Stitch PoldarkPurty wanna? In other words pretty wasn’t it? All these kits are stunning, which will you do? I recommend stitching Poldark while enjoying season 3!


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