7 Christmas napkin folding ideas for a festive table

Christmas napkin folding ideas

Have some fun with your Christmas table decorations and have a go at the enjoyable craft of napkin folding. Here are our 7 favourite Christmas napkin folding ideas from YouTube — try a few and see what you can create!


1. The Christmas Tree

This has to be the definitive Christmas napkin – and so easy to create. This fab video by Handimania will inspire you to get napkin folding!

2. The Crown

This is one of the more traditional napkin folds, but what we love about it is that the crown can be use to cover a small surprise, which your guests will love.

3. The Rose

This is just so pretty! Called the rose, it reminds us a little more of a poinsettia flower which is the ultimate Christmas bloom.

4. The Star

Quite a complex napkin folding technique but the result is worth it — your guests will be wowed by this one.

5. The Elf Boot

I defy anyone not to love this, or not to fall just a little bit in love with demonstrator Luigi.

6. The Elf Hat

Pair this with the Elf boots and we’re having a little Elf party this Christmas. Who knew napkin folding could be this fun?!

7. The Dinner Jacket

It’s Luigi again, this time with a smart DJ napkin that would look great if you’re planning a black-tie Christmas.


Have you tried any of these Christmas napkin folding ideas? Share your creations with us on our Facebook page and have a great Christmas one and all!

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