6 Car Cross Stitch Kits for Petrol Heads

Keep the car lovers in your life happy by stitching the object of their affection! These amazing car cross stitch kits will immortalise a beloved vehicle, delighting petrol heads everywhere.

1. Series 1 Land Rover Cross Stitch Kit

Series 1 Land Rover Car Cross Stitch Kits

My own husband is a Land Rover geek of the highest order, and would love nothing more than to see me spending the autumn nights stitching an effigy of his beloved ‘Landy’. It would be easy to change the registration number on this great Land Rover cross stitch kit from Heritage to truly personalise it. *Adds it to the project pile*

2. Bugatti Veyron Cross Stitch Kit

Bugatti Veyron Car Cross Stitch Kits

I can’t imagine many people have one of these in the garage, but we can dream can’t we? Well, if you can’t afford a real one, why not have a stitched one instead. This Bugatti Veyron cross stitch kit captures the action while focusing on that beautiful front end.

3. VW Beetle Cross Stitch Cushion Kit

VW Beetle Car Cross Stitch Kits

The VW Beetle is such a classic and I just love how the fun spirit of the car out on the open road is captured in this car cross stitch cushion kit from Permin.

4. Jaguar SS100 Cross Stitch Chartpack

Jaguar SS100 Car Cross Stitch Kits

The Jaguar SS100 is named for its 100 mile an hour maximum speed, a pretty remarkable feat in 1936! This stunning design from Heritage is available as a chartpack with full materials list for you to stitch your own British classic car.

5. VW Campervan Cross Stitch Kit

VW Campervan Car Cross Stitch Kits

This amazing VW campervan cross stitch kit from Bothy Threads entitled ‘Are We There Yet’ is not only a chance to immortalise the van but also stitch some of the cutest Margaret Sherry characters ever.

6. Morgan 4-4 Cross Stitch Kit

Morgan 4-4 Car Cross Stitch Kits

Hertitage Crafts’ 1939 Morgan 4-4 Cross Stitch Kit captures the beauty of this classic machine, along with the elegance of the winged Morgan logo. Also available as a chartpack with materials list, meaning you could change the colours as desired.

Check our range of car cross stitch kits for more classic vehicles in cross stitch, plus a whole load more planes, trains and automobiles!

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