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Do you love handmade home decor? Want to personalise your home with unique accessories? Well, we think we’ve found the answer! Now you can learn to make stylish and creative lampshades with fantastic new book, 50 Thrifty DIY Lampshades

50 Thrifty DIY LampshadesLight up your life with this illuminating collection of beautiful lampshades to make and decorate! Use a range of different crafts to create lampshades for every room, from quick fabric and paper shades to innovative designs with upcycled materials.

50 Thrifty DIY LampshadesYou’ll be amazed by the variety in this quirky book! There’s something to suit every style with 50 original ideas for your lampshades. Learn the basics of making a lampshade and how to create different shapes for various fittings, including the classic cylindrical and conical shades. Use sewing techniques to make patchwork or traditional fabric lampshades, or create beautiful decorations with pretty papers. You can match the style of your shade to the room by choosing colours and patterns to co-ordinate with your existing home decor.

50 Thrifty DIY LampshadesTry your hand at a range of techniques to create unique lampshades to suit you! The bead and ribbon designs are great for a bold look, or you can pick up some tips for using natural materials like raffia, string, wood, and even pebbles to decorate your lampshades! There’s an unusual idea for making a ‘living lamp’ with plastic foliage to disguise your lamp as a faux tree. The upcycled designs are really clever too – I love the idea of using old jelly moulds for kitchen lampshades!

Check out some more of the beautiful designs from 50 Thrifty DIY Lampshades in this video:

50 Thrifty DIY LampshadesGet your copy of 50 Thrifty DIY Lampshades for more inspirational projects and ideas to transform the lampshades in your home. Or download the PDF eBook now to view it instantly!

Have you made or decorated your own lampshades? Which is your favourite project from 50 Thrifty DIY Lampshades? Leave a comment below or post photos of your handmade lampshades on our Facebook page!

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