5 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Japanese Embroidery

Japanese embroidery is a collection of embroidery techniques that developed over 1600 years ago. According to historians, from the early Heian Period Japanese embroidery was primarily used for decorating the costumes of the Ladies of the Imperial Court.

Techniques were often passed down through generations and some techniques, such as Sashiko, were more commonly used to repair old clothing, while others were only available to a select group; only the highest ranks of society could afford such costly work.

While some Japanese embroidery techniques take a lifetime of tutoring it is possible to learn the basics from skilled tutors in a shorter space of time.

Here are 5 reasons why you should learn the beautiful art of Japanese Embroidery.

  • Japanese embroidery techniques are transferable techniques that can be used to enhance every-day stitching. The Craft Sanctuary is a great time to learn best practice from Maire Curtis who has a lifetime of experience. 

  • The skills you will learn are applicable to quilters, sewists and embroiderers. You can easily adapt and utilize your newfound skills to enhance sewing, embroidery and quilting products, adding that extra wow factor to your work.

  • Indigo is an on going trend in interior design and fashion. You can cheaply jump on the trend by using Japanese embroidery to revamp old jeans/clothes. If you haven’t heard of it already, look at visible mending on Pinterest. It’s really fab.

  • By stitching small homeware projects such as cushions, you can inject indigo into your home decor without needing to redecorate.

  • There’s an oriental section in the latest World of Cross Stitching mag. We are seeing more and more of the trend rolling out into magazines, kits and blogs online. We aren’t surprised because it is so pretty!

Cross Stitch Crazy

There are many more reasons why you should learn the beautiful art of Japanese embroidery but take a dive into learning it out our Craft Sanctuary event this October and you will learn the beautiful skill while staying in a luxurious hotel and meeting like-minded people. Bliss.

You can get both weekend and day tickets so you can enjoy your stitching retreat in a way that best suits you. Find out more about The Craft Sanctuary here.

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