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Modern Baby Knits CoverModern Baby Knits is the new book from the 3 Skeins or Less series. It features 23 incredibly cute baby garments, toys and more. Forget the knitted baby grows from decades gone; these knitted pieces are super stylish and modern.


The designs in this book are brightly coloured, practical and fun to knit with no fuss. Popular knitwear designer Tanis Gray tackles a collection of 23 fresh and fun baby projects, you won’t find the traditional pastel projects here! In their place, enjoy a collection of happy, colorful and innovative designs that would look right at home in a hip baby boutique.

Whether you’re a new parent, a crafty friend with gifts to make, or even a grandparent who’s looking for adorable projects to please cool parents, this book has something for everyone who’s looking for modern baby projects to knit.

Stripped Jersey

Stripped Jersey MBK

How incredibly cute is this stripped jersey. If it came in adult size I would make it for myself! Inspired by the classic French sailor shirt, it has a modern twist to save from those embarrassing baby photos later in life! With a buttoned I-cord neckline, contrasting elbows and side slits it is just lovely. It will become a timeless piece of your child’s wardrobe and an item you hand down.

Wallie and Carter – A Pair of Curious Bears

A Pair of Curious Bears

This is not your average baby or child’s toy. They are Wallie and Carter and they love to go exploring whilst on nature walks! Wallie is for bigger children and Carter is perfect for younger babies. He is also the perfect pocket size so he can be on the go with you where ever you go. You could change the colour of the stripes on their t-shirts to match the child’s bedroom colour scheme or favourite colour.

Rainbow Bonnet and Mitten Set

Rainbow Bonnet and Mitten Set

This design is so cool. It has a simple grey main colour, with a splash of rainbow colour detailing on the thumps and bonnet tie. The mittens are cleverly attached to each other so they wont stray from each other or become separated on long walks. If your child is anything like my son, and wont wear a hat, this is the ideal solution. The colourful-stripped chord will keep the hat on the head of even the squirmiest of children.

Modern Chevron Dress

Modern Chevron Dress

Sometimes I find knitted dresses to be a bit much, but this beautiful chevron dress is so fashionable and ultramodern. It is knitted from the bottom up with minimal seams and uses contrasting colours to create a mesmerizing effect. You could pair it with some bright tights or colourful top underneath to give that contrast an amazing effect. Just stunning.

Modern Baby KnitsIf, like me, looking at this sneak peek makes you want to pick up the knitting needles instantly and create a whole new wardrobe for your child, then pre order Modern Baby Knits from our website. You will receive a free eBook with this purchase. Or, if you simply can’t wait for the book to arrive, you can simply download the eBook.

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