3 Crafty Pumpkin Patterns for Halloween

Carving a pumpkin can be a messy business, but fortunately, us yarn junkies can craft our own. Whether you’re a crocheterknitter or sewer we have the perfect pumpkin patterns for you to craft this Halloween. Best of all, these adorable little decorations don’t have a limited lifespan like the real thing so you can bring them out year after year!

Crocheted Pumpkin

These cute crochet pumpkins by Anna Fazakerley at Dotty Doily are quick and easy to make for seasonal gifts or decorations. Stitch a different expression on each one to give them their very own personalities! You could place these little characters all over your home for Halloween and try different expressions for a bit more fun. Click here for the full tutorial!

Pumpkin Patterns

Knit a Pumpkin

Grab your knitting needles and craft a spooky knitted pumpkin tea cosy  for a Halloween tea-time surprise. Providing the perfect accompaniment or replacement for a real pumpkin, you can enjoy this one time and time again and children will love it too! Click here for the knitted pumpkin pattern.

Pumpkin Patterns

Stitch a Pumpkin

These adorable little fabric pumpkins are one of the charming projects from Helen Philipps’ fantastic new book, Modern Vintage Gifts. Great fun to make, they look lovely clustered together and can be made in any size you like and in any sort of fabric you like, providing the perfect Halloween decoration.

Pumpkin Patterns

You Will Need:

How To Make Fabric Pumpkins

1. Take the pumpkin fabric rectangle (Fig 1), fold it in half so right sides are facing and then sew a 1?4in (5mm) seam down the side (Fig 2).

Pumpkin Patterns

2. Using a sewing needle and matching thread, sew a running stitch along the bottom edge of the pumpkin (Fig 3). Pull up to gather the edge tightly and then fasten off.

Pumpkin Patterns

3. Turn the pumpkin out to the right side and stuff firmly, adding a lot of stuffing so it is very well filled. Sew another line of running stitch along the top of the pumpkin and pull it tight to gather as before (Fig 4). Fasten off securely.

4. Take the long needle and about a 30in (75cm) length of crochet cotton. Beginning at the base of the pumpkin, push the needle right through the centre and back out at the top, then down and up again through the centre, forming a ‘segment’ each time (Fig 5). Make seven segments and then fasten off underneath the pumpkin.

5. To make the stalk, roll up the green felt and secure the edge of the roll with a little glue (Fig 6). Glue the stalk to the centre top of the pumpkin using a hot glue gun or strong glue.

Pumpkin Patterns

Which pumpkin will you be crafting this year? We’d love to see your creations! Make sure you send us pictures via Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #SASMakes. Happy Halloween!

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