16 Creative Embroidery Hoop Ideas

The humble embroidery hoop is not only an essential tool for needlework, it can also have creative uses too. And we’re not just taking about using it to frame your work – which is a given – there are LOTS of other exciting embroidery hoop ideas, as you will see…

1. Mirror, Mirror

embroidery hoop ideas - mirror

Decorate your embroidery hoop with washi tape, then mount a mirror inside it for wall decor with a twist (with or without a fish).

2. Shimmering Wreath

embroidery hoop ideas - wreath

Use ribbon, beads, buttons and bells to create a pretty alternative wreath for Christmas.

3. Here’s the Key

embroidery hoop ideas - key rack

Stitch a house design then screw in some cup hooks at the bottom to hold keys. You could also use this idea to hold dog leads with a picture of your pooch instead!

4. Handy Holder

embroidery hoop ideas - pocket

Create a pocket with dividers to hold pencils, crochet hooks, rulers etc. This would also be good for make-up brushes next to your dressing table.

5. Tick Tock

embroidery hoop ideas - clock

A simple patchwork with some stick-on numbers and a clock mechanism can transform an embroidery hoop into a working timepiece! You could also do it with felt numbers and felt hands that move to help teach children how to tell the time.

6. Play the Game

embroidery hoop ideas - game

Some simple embroidered felt with Velcro pieces can create a fun, tactile game of noughts and crosses that the grandchildren will remember forever!

7. Chic Chandelier

embroidery hoop ideas - chandelier

Edge different sized hoops with lace ribbons and trimmings and suspend them in size order for a pretty lacy chandelier.

8. All the Pretty Flowers

embroidery hoop ideas - vase

Stitch a vase-shaped pocket on your favourite background fabric to hold a faux flower or make some pompoms and mount them on wires for some fun stylized flowers – a great alternative to a bunch of real flowers to give to a friend!

9. Calming Mobile

embroidery hoop ideas - mobile

Suspend hoops vertically and you can create a pretty mobile. This sleepy bird design is very calming, but the options are endless for alternatives. Wrapping the hoop in yarn gives a very tactile effect, embellished with flower motifs.

10. Precious Memories

embroidery hoop ideas - album

Create a fun circular photo album with two hoops and some ribbon – you’ll need to cut your photos into circles to fit, but the effect is so clever and gives you an album to treasure forever!

11. Tooth Fairy Pockets

embroidery hoop ideas - tooth fairy

A tooth shaped pocket sewn onto your favourite background fabric can make a great tooth fairy pocket to hang from the end of the bed, meaning the poor fairy doesn’t have to risk getting swashed while trying to retrieve the tooth from under the pillow!

12. Chalk it Up

embroidery hoop ideas - chalkboard

Chalkboard paint can transform anything into a chalkboard! This hoop version would be great for the craft room to record any blinding flashes of inspiration in a hurry!

13. Pretty Pincushion

embroidery hoop ideas - pincushion

You have to look twice to see this pincushion is created from an embroidery hoop – but what a cute idea!

14. Jolly Jewellery

embroidery hoop ideas - jewellery holder

Some self-covered buttons sewn onto your favourite background fabric can become an ingenious jewellery holder. LOVE IT!

15. Take Notice

embroidery hoop ideas - notice board

With a bit of foam board, some fabric and pretty pins, you can upcycle an embroidery hoop into a handy pin board for important notices or appointment cards

16. Picture Perfect

embroidery hoop ideas - photo frame

Mount a favourite photo in a hoop and then embellish it with cut-outs and peel-offs to create a unique personal memento of a special moment. Why not try it with pet photos and add bow-ties, glasses, and hats? Hours of fun!

Hoop-la!The full project instructions for these and 84 additional embroidery hoop ideas can be found in Kirsty Neale’s amazing book Hoop-la! 100 Things to Do with Embroidery Hoops. Do you have a fun use for a hoop that we need to know about? Let us know in the comments below.

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